The music business is changing:  Now it’s about letting go of old rules, boundaries, learning from scratch, embracing the imperfect, the unknown:


Mamaloose Music was established  in September 2007 as a business platform for Jackie Henrion’s singing, songwriting and public speaking.

The mission of Mamaloose Music is To Create Conscious Connection. The business develops songs and takes them through the entire publishing, production, distribution, sales and licensing cycle. New tools, such as the LicenseQuote platform and Jango (internet radio) enable the artist to retain ownership of intellectual property, maximize revenue and share music directly with the appropriate audience. 

The company is particularly interested in supporting the concepts of personal awareness and social consciousness and the songs of women as a spiritual force.

“When the heart weeps for what it has lost, the soul laughs for what it has found”                                                                                                                     

-Sufi aphorism

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