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“I can’t think of anyone who is doing quite what you’re doing.  It’s a rare thing for a musician to have a sense of the business side.”  - Milt Okun, Cherry Lane Music

Jackie’s song “Marie” published in February 2009 issue of Soundzine

“Maybe That’s Me” selected by Mike Pindar’s (Moody Blues) Songwars Competition honorable mention in January 2009.

“You have an authenticity and quirky sense of humor that audiences will love” - Amy Coleman, “Janis” of “Love Janis”

“What a cool story you have to tell, Mamaloose” - Gayl Murphy, CMJ Panelist, Media Consultant, Author

“The lyrics you write are so beautiful” - Matthew Herrick, Vocal Artist and Coach, Liz Caplan Studios

“I applaud your courage in writing songs that deal with significant and difficult issues”.  Alex Forbes, President, Creative

“We come to this café to hear you sing your french songs - it makes Northern Idaho seem like the Champs Elysee” - Georgia Shonk-Simmons, President, Coldwater Creek

“I never really appreciated the Simon and Garfunkel songs until I heard you sing them.  It seems to me that they were meant to be sung by a woman.”

-Dr. Holbert, audience member


“Fever” is one of my all time favorite songs and I love the way you take  and make it your own.”

-Carol Loftus, audience member

“She isn’t a one-dimensional folk artist; rather, the style of her tunes shifts with the content of her words...her voice brimming with well-balanced humor and grown-up acceptance...The beauty of Mama Loose is in it’s subtlety and simplicity.  It doesn’t dazzle with bright lights but lights a candle in a darkened room.”
-Michael Sutton,  All About Jazz
5/4/08 “How does a career in shipbuilding prepare you for starting a business in the music industry?...Jackie Henrion can give you a boatload of ideas about transitions...”   Jackie Henrion “Business Illuminate” Article in W2WB New Women’s Magazine

“Jackie Henrion is such an unusually multi-faceted musician. The lyrics of her songs hit the emotional bulls-eye every time, and her accompaniment on guitar seems effortless. I've heard her live as well as on recordings, and I should also note that she does terrific covers, always finding the right blend between the original recording and her own sensibility. Many of us have had to become more entrepreneurial than we might have been a decade ago--putting up our own websites, coming up with new business concepts, blogging when recording and publishing industry publicists go AWOL, etc. But the entrepreneurial side of the music business seems to come naturally to Henrion, who is unusually well organized and goal-oriented as she oversees Mamaloose Music. She also invests time and money in good works -- projects that help other musicians, nonprofits, etc. The bottom line on the home page of her website says, "Under perpetual development." I like that.”

May 31, 2009  Ed Wetschler, Freelance writer, editor, consultant.


“Her lyrics paint pictures of love and loss, of introspection and celebration, and of a contemporary woman questioning, sometimes criticizing the world around her...Henrion radiates authenticity and comfort in her skin.”

                              Carrie Scozzaro, Sandpoint Magazine, Summer 2010

“Greenwich Village Troubadour Hits the Road Again. Virtually.”

                                    CBS MoneyWatch by Joel Samburg 10-20-10