©2010 Jackie Henrion

Music Video


Concept: United Nations meets Mocarena meets “Yes We Can”  (headphones recommended)

This is a demo for a cultural commercial to raise awareness of the Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).  The UDHR is a document of 30 basic human rights, written by an esteemed subcommittee headed up by Eleanor Roosevelt and adopted by the United Nations in 1948 to prevent future atrocities like those witnessed in WWII. 

If we want a world community without force,  I feel we must develop a discussion of a common philosophy, much like the “Age of Enlightenment” provided a philosophical basis for rights and freedoms we experience.  So I created a song and dance and I plan to make a video that shows diverse people having fun together as they sing and dance, negating the image of “us vs. them.”  I want to make the video’s “UDHR”  a code rhythm (hook) for a belief system.  (Like Beethoven’s 5th for the French Revolution.)

[By The Way - If you do it along with the video, it has a somewhat exhilarating effect on the body - better than a 7th inning stretch, or the ‘wave.’]

I will be re-recording the song during 2012 to include a call/response choral arrangement.  My plan is to submit the movie to music video competitions, film festivals, then marketing agencies, sports venues, non-profit peace organizations for licensing of the song and dance and then market to sympathetic commercial entities for derivative use associated with their product.   In other words this intended as a ‘brand’ that advocates the open discussion of the philosophy behind the UDHR. 

At this time I am talking to my connections to find someone to help me prepare a formal project plan, “treatment”, storyboard, casting plan and budget that can be presented to funding sources.  So contact me at 917 359-2034 or mamaloosemusic@mac.com if you are interested in participating in this project.  


LiftMe 5-20-10