Jackie’s Sandbox


HOW TO SAVE MANKIND ©9/2011 jackie henrion

(inspired by the Jack Hardy Songwriter's Exchange)

Here's a little secret

Just between us two

I've lost the need to be

An entertainer

I don't want to divert you

Convert you then

Desert you

I just want to

Have a conversation

I'm curious to know

How your story goes

How you deal with woes

And what brings you peace of mind

We have a little time

To save the rest for later

The part on how to save mankind

I'd rather be human

Than a musician

Maybe there’s a syllogism

A conclusion

But I'm not sure anymore

Who's the prophet, who's the whore

And now that less is more

Let's just

Have a conversation


There's no question

Our views are different

Goes with the territory

We defend

But I'm not building any walls

The place is already too small

I'm just looking for a few

Good friends


10/8/11 - a few thoughts while reading “The Human Situation” - Harvey Jackins

9/30/11 While reading comments in Jack Hardy’s Songwriter’s Exchange, the words “syllogism” and “whore” intrigued me: