Lyrics - Will I Remember

©2008 Jackie Henrion & Bruce Bishop/Mamaloose Music Inc. (ASCAP)


I climb the stairs

But can't remember why

Against the chill

I close the window

A sense of something lost

Perhaps a set of keys

Honey have you seen?

But there’s no answer

A rusty hoe

Lies in the garden

Unfinished row

Sparkles with frost

A woolen blanket that

I've stitched so many times

Reminds me of something

‘Round my shoulders


Will I remember come December

The warmth of you with me

Will I remember come December

Will I...?

Will We?

I see the note

Tucked in the mirror frame

The one you wrote

As leaves where changing

A tear across the fold

Obscures a line or two

But not the part that says

I love you

(repeat chorus)