Lyrics - This Waltz Is Real

©2007 Jackie Henrion/Mamaloose Music Inc. (ASCAP)


You reach out to beckon

And I place my soul in your palm

I follow you to the dance floor

Reassured by the warmth of your arm

Our glides may not be the smoothest

Our steps not quite sure enough

But this waltz is surely the purest

Expression of our love

As you wrap your arms around me

We become young as we feel

That this dance will go on forever

And only this waltz is real

Sometimes you lead our footsteps

Sometimes I get to lead too

Sometimes we both move together

Like a Fred and Ginger revue

I whisper sweet nothings you can't hear

And you point out things I can't see

But your body is pressed against mine

And that's all that matters to me

(repeat chorus)

You twirl me around with laughter

My skirt flows up near my thighs

I slyly grin up at you

The twinkle is still in your eyes

But I fear this dance may be ending

So let us go 'round one time more

Please tell the band to keep playing

And we'll start out again as before

(repeat chorus)