Lyrics - The Tickle Monster

©1998 Jackie Henrion/Mamaloose Music Inc. (ASCAP)


One fine day in Katmandu

A big blue plane went flying through

And dropped a package on a house

A box not bigger than a mouse

What a funny thing

The box was tied with string

And as it sat there in the garden

It looked very big

A little girl stood by the door

She hadn’t reached the age of four

Her older brother stood nearby

And watched the package from the sky

They pulled the string that held it closed

And suddenly a thing arose

It was much bigger than a man

And it said “Hi, my name is Dan”

This was the very strangest mail

It even had a ponytail

And when they asked what it might me

It said “come closer and you’ll see

As they came closer in

It had a great big grin

Then the Tickle Monster tickled them

Till their heads began to swim

Dan tickled them by night

And tickled them by day

He tickled them so hard they yelled,

“Tickle Monster go away!”

They gave him certain hours

When he could play about

But the snuggle monster could come in

When the Tickle Monster stayed out

The Tickle Monster trapped the boy

Until he got away

His little sister set him free

And helped to save the day

They tried to feed him crabs and lobsters

To keep him in his bed

But he said he’d rather tickle little

Girls and boys instead

Well the monster flew away one day

And they were sad and pale

But he said,”Don’t worry, I’ll send

Tickles in the mail”

And sure enough a package came

They opened it and found

Snuggles and tickles jumped right out

And chased them ‘round and ‘round

Well the moral to this story

Is that monsters need love too

And snuggles and tickles

Are good for me and you

So when you see someone who says

That they are sad and blue

You can be a Tickle Monster

And give some snuggles too.