Lyrics - The Stage

©2006 Jackie Henrion/Mamaloose Music Inc. (ASCAP)


You crawl over to the bedside

From where your fevered body thrashes

Your sheets are damp and sweaty

It's not the cold flu, it's hot flashes

You used to gaze down in the shower

As water washed away the pain

Now you stand and watch in horror

As the hair you used to have flows down the drain

You have

Reached the stage---

Done with rehearsals

Now you can act---

Your age

Volcanoes seethe inside you

Moods of doubt, rage and shame

You look around to see who's noticed

And then you look for someone else to blame

(repeat chorus)

Rosy days are gone, but quit your whining

‘Cause even this cloud’s got a silver lining

See there's no more monthly curse to haunt you

You buy yourself a new red car

You flirt with the hot new workout trainer

And you get senior discounts at the bar

(repeat chorus 2x)