Lyrics - Reduced to Possession

©2008 Jackie Henrion/Mamaloose Music Inc. (ASCAP)


Ages ago he said "Meet me at 'D' dock",

His boat was called 'The Reducer'"

So I asked him "What's up with that name?"

He said "I'll explain, cast off and I'll juice her."

"Most fishing is catch and release"

With a wink he said "There's an expression -

When a trophy-sized fish swallows the hook

Sometimes she's reduced to possession -

On my boat, she's reduced to possession."

So at yesterday's coffee stop who do I see

My old friend way over there

I pulled up a chair, and he looked at me

His eyes deep with despair

He tells me this sad story

He said "I'm counting on your discretion,

I'm out on the deck, I'm gasping for air

She's reduced me to possession

She's reduced me---- to possession."

(instrumental break)

He recounted the fight that he put up that night

But the line to his heart was a heavy pound test

"This is worse than a brew-driven thirst

There’s no angler more obsessed

'Cause when she bent down with her net

Thinking that she'd caught a fresh one

I jumped in her creel,  and it was so real

She reduced me to possession

She reduced me ---- to possession"

After a while,  I saw my friend smile

Couldn't tell if I’d seen a tear

But I knew  that he'd found something that I'll

Be fishing around for many a year

'Cause now that my friend is on ice

He said "Somewhere in here there's a lesson:

Catch and release ain't nothing like when

She reduced me to possession

Yeah now that my friend is on ice

He said “somewhere in here there’s a lesson

Catch and release ain’t nothin’

Now that she’s reduced me to possession

She’s reduced me to possession!”