Lyrics - New Stuff Today

©1998 Jackie Henrion/Mamaloose Music Inc. (ASCAP)


Got me some new teeth this week

Till now it’s only been my tongue in my cheek

I love to chew on everything I find

For which my gums were perfectly designed

But now these teeth add new meaning

To my daily grind

Wiggling fingers and hands today

Something meaningful I just want to convey

Cause words can’t possible

Describe experientially

This green wet prickly stuff growing under me

Got me a new laugh to share

Cause my sister’s got something all over her hair

You know I didn’t think so before

But lately she’s been funny more

‘Course I didn’t know that cornflakes

Were something you wore

Got me some new feet today

Think I’ll wait till Mom’s not looking my way

Up to sixty in seconds flat

Even kitty’s no match for that

Think I’ll take a twirl around my new habitat

Got me a new smile today

Now everything seems to be coming my way

I’m not sure about this grin

Seems to displace a lot of skin

Think I’ll keep it up

If it keeps bringing ‘em in