Lyrics - Nepalese Rose

©1998 Jackie Henrion/Mamaloose Music Inc. (ASCAP)


A little girl walked all alone in the road

The sun and rain fell upon her

Her sunflower eyes  were the widest I’m told

And she wondered the highest of wonders

Oh why did my daddy leave me all alone

When I was too young to remember?

My mommy went so far away I am told

Oh why can’t these older ones find her

One day grandma took her along to her work

To ask the nice ladies about her

If someone they knew might be looking to find

A daughter who might look just like her

Her spirit flew higher than others they say

It searched for some family to love her

It found special people a half world away

Who knew there was something about her

And when they came over to look at her land

They knew that they’d found a new sister

For their young son who’d cried so long to see

For he only knew that he missed her

A long time ago there’s a story I’m told

About a young prince who loved roses

The one that he chose was the fairest of all

But only because he had chose it

And that is the moral of this fairy tale

The little girl chose her new mother

And a father whose loving would open the world

And she found that she found her new brother

She found that she found her new brother