Maybe That’s Me

©2007 Jackie Henrion/Mamaloose Music Inc. (ASCAP)


You reach out, mumble "morning"

My alarms sound a warning

You're groping for a clue

About what we’re going through

Maybe you need some time alone

Maybe you need to run free

Or maybe -- that's me

Our daily moves

Well-worn grooves

Set in stones of friends and family

But these stones bring us to our knees

Maybe you need some other friends

Maybe you dream what life could be

Or maybe -- that's me

It's easier to say that you're the one

The reason for all the things I have and haven't done

Night's blanket of rest

Still-born questions acquiesce

And return to the womb

Of answers inside this room

Maybe you need to stretch your wings

Maybe your walls won't let you see

Or maybe --- that's me

Just maybe---that’s me