Lyrics - Maid With the Bonnie Blue Eyes

©1998 Jackie Henrion/Mamaloose Music Inc. (ASCAP)


There once was a young man

Who lived by the ocean

Some say his cold heart

Was the hardest of stone

He’d travel to lands far away

And nearby him

With never a kind word to anyone shown

His fields they cannot grow green

No stars will shine in his sky

But somewhere there wanders

The fairest young maiden

Who’d warm his cold heart

With her bonnie blue eyes

This young man slew lions

and bears in the city 

He smote all his enemies

Without a care

He’d battle from daybreak

To dark if he’s able

And no one would venture

To cross his dark stare

His eyes they cannot find piece

Hi mind cannot be wise

But somewhere there sighs

The softest young maiden

Who’d bring out his smile

With her bonnie blue eyes

One day he went walking

Along a dark pathway

He needed to wander

But did not know why

Past shadows and dragons

He could not see clearly

It was the most frightening

Day of his life

His armor had started to dull

His sword had become his disguise

But a light in the distance

Drew closer toward him

The light of the maid

With the bonnie blue eyes

And then came the clearing

So bright it was blinding

With colors so brilliant

It brought him to tears

And music so soft

it was barely a whisper

And warmth that would melt

All his doubts and his fears

The light caress of her hand

The open look of surprise

Then slowly he knew

Where he was at that moment

Alone with the maid

With the bonnie blue eyes