Lyrics - Jesse’s Mountain

©1997 Jackie Henrion/Mamaloose Music Inc. (ASCAP)


Truth is like a mountain top

The summit reaches for the sky

You must train your limbs to climb the path

And never fear to ask why

There are gods who’ll want

To show you to

The paths they say

Are right and wrong

You must know them

For their history

To make your body strong

Hiya hiya hiya hiya.....

And friends who’ll want

To give to you

The truth they see through their eyes

Although their answer may not be

The one that is most wise

And time will alter nature’s path

And you will come to learn

That when you think you see most clear

New growth has altered the turn

As those who love you climb their path

Towards a certain rendévous

A thought to help you light your way

Is that they all chose you

Hiya hiya hiya hiya......