Lyrics - Cozier With No

©2008 Jackie Henrion/Mamaloose Music Inc. (ASCAP)


The cover of the magazine said “YES”

It meant all things are possible I guess

But I'm no longer in that undertow

Cause I'm getting cozier with no

My friends invite me to the local store

But I don't feel the need to need much anymore

I still wear things I bought ten years ago

Cause I'm getting cozier with no

Life may be getting faster every day

But I don't have to live that way

Now my speed's adagio

Like an underwater dancer in a tidal flow

I get so many catalogues these days

They're really good for stoking up a wood fire blaze

I love to watch the warm afterglow

Just chillin' as shadows grow

Cause I'm getting cozier with no.....

I'm getting cozier --- with no....