Lyrics - Brookabye

©1998 Jackie Henrion/Mamaloose Music Inc. (ASCAP)


We reached down into a brook

And felt the beauty flowing there

That you may find clear bubbling light
Amid the forest everywhere

We know some truths but can’t say why

The safety that the bear cub knows

Wrapped in warm accepting love

Everywhere that our Brook goes

Know that Daddys love their young

Though they may seem so far away

They may not know the words to use

You’ll feel their love in other ways

Life’s roller coaster you will ride

With ups and downs and squealing turns

Grandpa will hold you when you need

For you know that passion sometimes burns

Tough you may travel many miles

For you your mommy will be there

And when you find who you will be

You’ll see her as you comb your hair

Now you have this special song

It makes no difference what you choose

Reminding you of all the love

The love that you can’t ever lose

The love that you can’t lose