Lyrics - Birthplace of Diamonds

©2010 Jackie Henrion (ASCAP)


She walks on lamb’s wool white

Not oozing mud

Of my moonless night

Her sun rises

On a new day

Mine only sets

But I share my tales of darkness,

'Cause no way she knows the shame

Of hunger so sharp

It makes stealing righteous

Her voice rises

With something to say

Mine slurs to silence


Birthplace of diamonds

Millions of years

Unearthing the diamonds

Millions of tears

Birthplace of diamonds

The dirt disappears

Leaving a brilliant shine

She talks of embracing the slime

As if it were a child

“Cradle it in your arms”, she says,

“It is the birthplace of diamonds”

"It is the birthplace of diamonds"


(Repeat last verse and CH)