Lyrics - Believe In Me

©2008 Jackie Henrion/Mamaloose Music Inc. (ASCAP)


Have you lost it ?

My magician who can't pretend

An illusion gone wrong     

You’re losing another friend

In the darkness of an endless dream

Has your compass disappeared

Let me be your beacon

To navigate your fears

Believe in me

When reality's in ruins

Believe in me

Love heals the deepest wounds

Though I may not always be in view

I’ll always be with you

We're artists of escape:

Houdinis with secret keys

We only feel safe

With a change of clothes in a packed valise

But you are the only one

I've ever said this to

I've finally found solid ground

I'm not leaving you

(repeat chorus)

Let it be a prayer

For you and me

A secret, sacred plea

(repeat chorus)